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New Products from Haworth

New Product
From Haworth Collection

Haworth Collection is a specially curated portfolio of aesthetically impactful, well-crafted products that add color, personality, creativity, and quality to a space. Its comprehensive offering of lifestyle designs expands traditional floorplans to create inviting and invigorating spaces.

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New Product
Fern Task Chair

The Fern task chair seems alive, in tune with your every movement. Grounded in extensive ergonomic research, Fern’s design puts the person at the center with ergonomic innovations that provide total back support, edgeless comfort, and free movement. The result is a next-generation sitting experience that is distinctively responsive to each person.

New Product
Active Components

Active Components give people variety and choice in storage, organization, and perceived privacy to help them perform their best. An array of shapes, configurations, textures, and mix of materials warm up the work environment to create comfortable, cozy workspaces that evoke a residential atmosphere.

New Product
Beside Storage Pantry

How people use storage and what they store is changing. The Beside Storage Pantry offers a flexible, efficient solution in multi-functional, customizable, object-based storage. Available in a range of efficient dimensions, Beside Storage Pantry optimizes real estate while giving people personal control of their workspace.

New Product
Openest Collection

Openest collection provides adaptable solutions that respond to the ever-evolving nature of work, enticing people to come into the office while making the most of your floorplate. Openest elements provide variety and choice for where to work with the visual and tactile softness of materials that make you feel at home.

New Product
Poppy Chair

Poppy is always the perfect host in seating: comfortable and cozy, flexible and accommodating, expressive and charming. The Poppy chair embodies the welcoming aura of residential comfort and warmth people are looking for.

New Product
Immerse Table

As space design requires more flexibility, organizations recognize the growing need for adaptable spaces that support the diverse and dynamic ways people work. The Immerse table creates a landscape of varied surfaces to support working in a communal way and the temporality of meetings.

New Product
Compose Connections

As organizations embrace collaborative space, it’s important to support people’s needs for choice and user control in the workspace. Compose Connections is a spine-based system that pivots from the dimensional logic of Compose systems and Integrated Palette™ elements to create an exceptionally flexible solution for today’s work environment.

New Product
Wood Flooring System

The Haworth Wood Flooring System combines the practical benefits of raised access floors with the flexibility of finishes that magnetically connect to its surface. The system’s innovative planks easily apply to the surface of Haworth raised access steel top sheet panels, allowing unrestricted access to underfloor utilities and easy reconfiguration.